Field Harp

Field Harp was commissioned by the Des Moines Art Center in 2023, as part of the 75 Years of Iowa Art exhibition celebrating the anniversary of the center’s founding. Out of four performances scheduled, three were realized and one had to be canceled due to inclement weather. Each performance was with a different set of 16 volunteers.

Photography by Brittany Brooke Crow.

Plan sketch of field, and excerpt of a recording from the performance on April 30, 2023. The recording was made with binaural microphones.
Headphones recommended

In addition to the Des Moines Art Center, Field Harp was supported by the Daniel J. Huberty Faculty Fellowship in Architecture at Iowa State University. Many thanks to Brittany Brooke Crow for photography, to Olivia Valentine for video, to Phil Young for audio recording, and to all the volunteer harpists who made the performances possible.