Posts & Aggregate Topographies

2009-2012. 6x6 posts or salvaged timber, and block printing ink.

In this series of constructions, I have been taking apart standard 6x6 douglas fir and cedar posts, and pieces of salvaged timber through cutting and splitting, to re-build them as accumulated, sedimentary constructions. The dimensional wood that is the primary material of this work, was transformed from indistinguishable parts of a landscape into raw material for construction. I’ve sought to create constructions by folding this process onto itself, using a single unit of material as both quarry and site.

This project is also a dialogue between drawing and construction. Each unit of accumulation is the space between gouge marks, unitizing the internal structure of the piece of wood it came from. The construction is an accumulation of such marks. While some of the constructions are literally taken apart and reconstituted, others are inscribed with saw and gouge and inked as wood-block printing instruments, suspended in a state between object and drawing.