Stitch Strata

Stitch Strata is a series of monoprints made from string constructions based on ancient retaining walls in Turkey. These prints explore moments of construction and collapse within this landscape, where what is terrain and what are architectural remains are intertwined with each other. Ink on paper, nail holes and other perforations. Approximately 60” wide. 2012-2018.

The process of construction entailed using an arm-span of string at a time, while being tethered to the drawing until that length is used up. The string constructions were made vertically. The tapestry needle at the end of the string functions as a plumb-bob, and that’s the first place gravity enters in, and informs the improvisation of the drawing. One is always pulling down or out. Once the string construction was complete, the drawing was laid down, horizontally. Then, ink was misted, in thin layers, letting the paper settle - and sometimes not - between mistings. The clouds of ink hover in the air, and move with the differences in air pressure created by one’s movement around the drawing. That’s the second way gravity entered into the drawing.